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RAF Wittering

Following the announcement in June 2013 of the move of Tutor operations to RAF Wittering, options for Airfield sharing and alternative sites have been explored by the 4Cs Committee and members. None of these alternatives proved viable, and so it was with regret that in July 2014, the committee voted to dissolve the club at the end of the current membership year. The final Four Counties flight at Wittering took place on Sunday October 26th, bringing to a close 59 years of continuous RAF Gliding for this club.

Four Counties Gliding Club has now closed, and no further GSA gliding takes place at RAF Wittering. For details of other Gliding Clubs in your area, please visit the RAF Gliding & Soaring Association website, or the British Gliding Association website.


The Four Counties Gliding Club is based at RAF Wittering, a former Harrier Training station at the meeting point of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. The Club is a member of the RAFGSA, and exists to offer gliding to personnel of the RAF and the Armed Services, particularly those who would not normally get the chance to fly in their daily work. Membership is open to all Servicemen, Ex-Servicemen, Air Cadets, and MOD Personnel.

ASW20 Finishing after Cross Country ASW20 "LD" Finishing at Wittering after a Cross Country Flight

Gliding offers many different things, to all sorts of different people. Some enjoy the simplicity of flying for hours at a time using nothing but air currents, others the amazing views of the Midlands from a 2000 foot winch launch. Many relish the challenge of high speed cross country racing, flying tasks of several hundred kilometres at speeds in excess of 100kph. Whatever you look to gain from Gliding, Four Counties has what you need to get you in to the air, for one of the cheapest rates in the country.
Why not come and have a go. The club flies every weekend and public holiday, all year round, weather depending.

Special schemes exist for service personnel, including club and RAF Bursaries, for those who choose to continue the sport, providing financial assistance to progress further.

Four Counties is also host to the Loughborough University Gliding Club (LSUGC), who are affiliated to the club, providing their own fleet of gliders, as well as having full access to all Four Counties facilities.
For more information on the University club; Loughborough Students Union Gliding Club.

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