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Discus CS 'R10'

The Schempp-Hirrth Discus CS is one of the most popular designs of Standard class racing glider yet produced, only recently superseded by it's own sequel, the Discus 2. Several world titles have been won in Discii, and the type continues to be popular for racing pilots. The glider combines excellent glide performance with docile handling and good climbing ability to make a high performace machine, capable of high cross country speeds, without being too much of a handful for relatively inexperienced pilots.

The Discus CS "R10" is the club's high performance single seater, used for cross country flying by suitably qualified pilots. It is also regularly used during the summer months by club pilots in regional and national competitions, often with great success!

In October 2010 "R10", starting to show its age a little, was sent away for refurbishment. It is expected back by early 2011, looking very shiny, with an improved panel, and ready for some epic cross country flights this summer!

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