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K18 ready for Aerotow

The Alexander Schleicher K18 was the last wood and fabric construction glider to be produced by Schleicher. At the time it was intended to be a rugged early solo machine, and while it did and still does that job very well, it was overshadowed upon its release by the higher performance glass-fibre machines being produced by other manufacturers. As a result, less than 50 were produced, and in the UK most of the remaining examples are to be found within the RAFGSA.

The club's K18 "R36" will usually be a pilots first single seater aircraft, and can be converted to shortly after going solo. The handling characteristics are light and docile, while the aircraft's performance is more than adequate for first cross country flights. The K18 is renowned for being easy to soar, and will often be found at the top of the nearest thermal on a summer's day.

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