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The ASK21, often abbreviated to K21, is constructed by Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. as the natural progression to the ASK13, one of the most common training gliders ever produced, and still in use today with many clubs, including our own Loughborough University Club.

The K21 is of full Glass Reinforced Plastic construction and provides a suitable training platform for the high performace GRP Single Seater gliders.

As a training glider, the K21 has two cockpits, placed in tandem, where the pupil sits in the front, with the Instructor sat behind them. Both cockpits have linked controls, allowing the instructor to demonstrate the basics of flying, and supervise the students progress as they learn.

The Club has two ASK21's, R20 and R35, and nearly all flight training will be done in one of these aircraft. Students, when they have reached the standard, will initially fly their first solo in a K21, and complete a series of flights in them after that, to gain experience before heading on to the more complex single seat gliders.

In 2006 both aircraft were re-finished by specialists in Poland, bringing them back to almost new condition.

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