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ML Winch

The club's main launch method is by winch. We have two purpose built winches, which provide safe and consistent launches to heights well in excess of 2000ft. As with all other club activities, winch drivers are volunteers, and all pilots above solo standard are expected to learn how to drive the winches, putting in an hour or so each weekend to ensure that everyone gets a launch. They are simple to drive, but not without their vices. Full training is given!

For more information about winch launching, see the Gliding page.

The ML Winch is a diesel powered behemoth, that has served the club for well over a decade, and provides all the power needed to launch modern gliders. It does however lack some of the home comforts of its more modern counterpart. The club used to own three ML's, however one was sold on and the third is used for spares. The ML currently uses traditional steel cable.

ML Winch

The Skylaunch is the newer of the two, part of the Skylaunch company's next generation of winches. Powered by LPG, this winch is more than capable of handling anything thrown at it, and its simple control layout makes it easy to drive. It also comes with a fully heated and comfortable cabin, one of the most popular places to be on a winter's flying day! The Skylaunch is fitted with new Dyneema cable, a rope like substitute for steel, giving smoother, higher and more reliable launches.

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