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Dear Members,

Below are some notes about the arrangements for Group Flying this year. I apologise if they seem over-detailed or formal but thought it best to try and set out some clear procedures. My thanks in advance for your support with this crucial fund-raising activity.

Please do give me a call if you have any comments.

Chris Armstrong
Group Flying Co-ord
07809 676315/01480 469933

    • Please would members use me as the point of contact for Visitor Flying; Alex Eden 07773 094989 has kindly agreed to deputise in my absence.
    • Friday night groups should normally comprise up to 12 people but more can be accommodated by arrangement.
    • Sat/Sun groups should be limited to 6 people (so as not to compromise Club flying) and sessions will normally start at 3pm.
    • Buffets/bar-b-q will generally be available only on Saturday evenings, starting around 8pm. The cost will be £6.50. Visitors are of course welcome to use our bar after flying on any day.
    • Once the date has been agreed, I will enter the details in the table below.
    • The cost is £20 for the first winch launch, then Club Rates (£4.50) if time permits a second launch. If conditions dictate aerotow only, the first flight will be £20, any subsequent flights at Club Rates (£10/1000’ and £7 per 1000’ thereafter). Fees include one month’s membership, which will not normally be extended.
    • Please would hosts:
      o Endeavour to contact me at least 14 days before the flying so that we can confirm dates and organise instructors etc.
      o Endeavour to provide a list of attendees and vehicle registration numbers to the guardroom ( or, for last minute changes, 01780 783838 Ext 7670 at least 48 hrs before the event, together with your own contact details..
      o Provide me with the names of anyone wanting the buffet/bar-b-q by 7pm on the preceding Thursday evening.
      o Ensure that every guest is escorted from the Guardroom to the Launchpoint, and subsequently off the station.
      o Provide guest with your phone details and the launch point number: 07813 542884
      o Remind visitors to bring:
        • Payment for the flying and any food.
        • Photo ID in the form of a passport or photographic driving licence.
        • Warm clothes, sunglasses if needed, and please remind ladies to wear trousers/jeans.
        • Appropriate shoes – explain to visitors that high heels aren’t good on grass, steel toes aren’t good for gliders.
        • Camera, should they so wish - but remind them to tell the instructor before the flight.

DatesGroupHostFull Cat4CGC Team
Fri 1 Apr
Sat 2 Apr
Sun 3 Apr
Fri 8 Apr
Sat 9 Apr
Sun 10 Apr
Fri 15 Apr
Sat 16 Apr
Sun 17 Apr
Fri 22 Apr
Sat 23 Apr
Sun 24 AprTrevor Sams +3
Fri 29 Apr
Sat 30 Apr
Sun 1 May
Fri 6 MayLSUGCSam RoddieColin Davey
Sat 7 May
Sun 8 May
Fri 13 May
Sat 14 May
Sun 15 May
Fri 20 May
Sat 21 May
Sun 22 May
Fri 27 May
Sat 28 May
Sun 29 May
Fri 3 JunHalcrowPhil Sturley
Sat 4 Jun
Sun 5 Jun
Fri 10 JunMX5 OwnersTim ArmstrongTBD
Sat 11 Jun
Sun 12 Jun
Fri 17 JunMX5 OwnersTim ArmstrongTBD
Sat 18 Jun
Sun 19 Jun
Fri 24 Jun
Sat 25 Jun
Sun 26 Jun
Fri 1 JulMr Lyttelton
Sat 2 Jul
Sun 3 Jul
Fri 8 Jul
Sat 9 Jul
Sun 10 Jul
Fri 15 Jul
Sat 16 Jul
Sun 17 Jul
Fri 22 Jul
Sat 23 Jul
Sun 24 Jul
Fri 29 Jul
Sat 30 Jul
Sun 31 Jul
Fri 1 Jul
Sat 2 Jul
Sun 3 Jul
ISRGC 6-14 August
Fri 19 Aug
Sat 20 Aug
Sun 21 Aug
Fri 26 Aug
Sat 27 Aug
Sun 28 Aug
Fri 2 Sep
Sat 3 Sep
Sun 4 Sep
Fri 9 Sep
Sat 10 Sep
Sun 11 Sep
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