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Postby ls7 » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:32 pm

For info, we now have access to 3 Hangar for glider/trailer storage and servicing. I have today passed a Key List to POAEM (AV) Ian (Jock) McQueen, the Hangar Manager, who will send it on to the guardroom shortly. All solo pilots are on the list.

John Bennett expects to be at WIT on Saturday and perhaps would be willing to show anyone who wishes around the hangar, I will be there on Sunday and can do the same.

We will issue a H&S brief asap but in the meantime please would everyone be aware that the hangar doors are heavy and potentially dangerous - a serviceman was seriously injured last year. At the risk of stating the obvious, the doors must be opened slowly, using the handles provided. Please be careful with the handles as they can have a life of their own and can be difficult to control if the doors are opened at any speed. Any pushing of the doors to open them must be done on the inside of the frame, and not on the ends. In short, please be careful!!

We have the use of the hangar until such time as someone else with a higher priority needs it, unknown at the moment. However, we must ensure that we treat the place with respect, that lights are turned off and keys returned to the Guardroom at the end of the day. Usual stuff but please could we all be aware.

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