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PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:03 pm
by ls7
Hi Everyone,


Owing to the increasing cost of fuel, we need to increase our charges for flying the Falke from the current £40hr to £50hr. I appreciate that this is a significant increase but it reflects the fact that we have held prices down for longer then we should. However, we feel that aerotow charges are about right so do not intend to increase them at the moment.

We propose to introduce the charges from 1 May 11. This change would normally be discussed at an Extraordinary General Meeting but I hope that members will accept the increase without the need to convene an EGM. If you disagree, please would you let me know as soon as possible.


At the AGM we set out our financial plan, which anticipated revenue from 80 servicemen on Force Training Days (FTD), and 140 Group Flying visitors. The first FTD with 40 servicemen will be held 3 May 11 (all help gratefully received!) and we are negotiating for a second FTD later in the year, although this is far from certain at the moment. In terms of Group Flying, we have flown, or have bookings for, 60 people, so we need another 80 to achieve our target. This would be do-able if every member brought just 2 people. Please could I ask everyone to think about whom they might bring, and let me know.


As previously notified on the Forum, we will start flying cadets and instructors from Bedford Sqn ATC at weekends from the start of May. So that ATC flying does not disadvantage other Club members, we will fly no more then 4 cadets on each day. Charges will be £10 per cadet for the first flight, funded by the sqn, and club rates for any additional flying, funded by the cadets individually. Each cadet has been given a membership form for signature by parent or guardian - no signature, no fly. To ease administration, payment will be by a single cheque.


Wg Cdr Dave Bradshaw has been posted and our new Chairman is Wg Cdr Saul. The Oic, Sqn Ldr Biggs, has also been posted and our new Oic is Sqn Ldr Ruth Davies. The RAF has asked us to note that any orders signed by the outgoing officers remain in effect until reissued by the new incumbents.


If you have not already done so, please would you provide Peter Davey with a copy of your medical certificate.


A plea please: that all membership forms should be filled in as fully as possible, especially the membership category, to aid our membership records and annual reporting to the GSA and the Charities Commission.

Many Thanks,