The Club Bar between now and the Inter-Services

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The Club Bar between now and the Inter-Services

Postby Alex » Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:26 am


During the period of time between now and the Inter-Services the Club Bar (in our clubhouse by bomb disposal) will run down the barrels and not replace with fresh barrels. This will allow the transfer of the coolers and beer taps down to the Inter-Services Bar (the line hut by 3 hangar) without the pressure of their need of use in the Club bar.

The club bar will be restocked with bottles as each barrel runs out during this intervening time. For example, the John Smiths ran out this weekend, and there is 40 bottles of ale for consumption in the fridges/stock cupboard. The Stella will run out next, followed by the Strongbow at a later stage.

In the 8 Weekends to the Inter-Services I already know I won't be at the club at all for 3 of them due to other commitments - Including this weekend coming.

This does mean we will need to get a little better at communication for two reasons:
1) If I am not at the club and something runs out, someone needs to tell me - I drive past the club twice a day so Its not a problem to drop something in ready for the next week
2) If someone complains that something has run out, but I haven't been told; then that's not good team communication.

Ways to contact me:

The Forum - A quick note here would probably be the easiest
My Email Address - If you not a member of the Forum (do consider joining it?)
My Mobile number - A text message would do!

This strategy will ease the challenge concerning the creation of the Bar in the line-hut immeasurably.

Thanks in Advance for your agreement to work together during this intervening time.

Best Regards,
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