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Cross Country Kilometres!

Postby Pete » Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:35 am

Hi all,

I hope you have all noted Mike Cunliffe-Lister's email asking for your cross country km's. I know that this year hasn't been a bumper one for club kms, with no ICL, but I know a few XCs were done, and every little flight bumps up the total, so please send totals to Mike if you can!

On a similar note, could all XC pilots please make the effort to record their kms on LogStar. Pressing F4 on a selected flight allows you to input the number of kilometres flown, and this means we can keep up to date on km stats, rather than chasing numbers and making educated guesses. I'd like to also encourage people to record their flights on the ladder, no matter how small or slow, if only as a handy way of recording your kms! It also allows you to see how you fared on a day, compared to other pilots.

This Sunday appeared to be the last soaring day of the year, so if nothing else, scouring back through your logs will remind you of those lovely summer (!) days, and hopefully keep you warm through the winter, and revved up for next season!


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