Inter-Services Regional Gliding Competition 2012

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Inter-Services Regional Gliding Competition 2012

Postby Richard Walker » Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:13 pm

You will be aware that this year’s Inter-Services Regional Gliding Competition (ISRGC) was a tremendous success, and that the RAFGSA announced at the closing ceremony that they would like Wittering to host the 2012 Competition. That led to a general assumption that the Stn had agreed to the proposal, but that was not the case: the issue was only recently discussed with Stn by the RAFGSA Executive Ctee. However, I can now advise you that the Stn has agreed that the Competition can be held on the airfield over the period 18 - 26 Aug 12. This date is slightly later than normal, but was influenced by the airspace restrictions around London that will be associated with the Olympics.

We set ourselves high standards at this year's ISRGC, and we need to look to build on that success. Some of the facilities that were used this year may not be available for the 2012 Competition. That means that there are a number of issues that need to be addressed early, and that will start in early Jan 12. As things become clearer, I will ensure that you are all kept in the loop.”

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