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Postby deputychairman » Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:28 pm

Hi Everyone,

The Group Flying season is almost upon us, with the first group due on 25 May. I will be asking for instructors, winch drivers etc nearer the time. In the meantime, please would every member try and get people together for flying - if only a few, we can combine different groups on the same evening. It is crucial that we maximise the income from this activity.

The procedure for organising Group Flying is as follows:


· Please would members contact me to arrange visitor flying; Alex Eden 07773 094989 will deputise in my absence.

· Friday night groups should normally comprise up to 12 people, but more can be accommodated by arrangement.

· Sat/Sun groups should be limited to 6 people (so as not to compromise Club flying) and sessions will normally start at 3pm.

· The cost is £20 for the first winch launch, then £10 for any subsequent launches. If conditions dictate aerotow only, the first flight will be £20 to 1500’, any subsequent flights at £10 to 1500’.

· Soaring fees are not charged, so flights should not last beyond 20 mins.

· Membership forms must be completed before flying, valid only for the one event. Any applications for Associate Membership should be referred to CFI or Deputy Chairman.

· Please would hosts:

o Contact me at least 14 days before the flying so that I can confirm dates and organise instructors.

o Provide a list of attendees and vehicle registration numbers to the guardroom ( or, for last minute changes, 01780 783838 Ext 7670 at least 48 hrs before the event, together with your own contact details.

o Ensure that every guest is escorted from the Guardroom to the Launchpoint, and subsequently off the station.

o Provide guest with your phone details and the launch point number: 07813 542884

o Advise guests that dogs are not normally allowed.

o Remind visitors to bring:

· Payment for the flying and any refreshments from the bus.
· Photo ID in the form of a passport or photographic driving licence.
· Warm clothes, sunglasses if needed, and please remind ladies to wear trousers/jeans.
· Appropriate shoes – explain to visitors that high heels aren’t good on grass, steel toes aren’t good for gliders.
· Camera, should they so wish - but remind them to tell the instructor before the flight.

Thank you!

Chris Armstrong
Group Flying Co-ord
07809 676315/01480 469933
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