FOD and Driving on the Airfield

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FOD and Driving on the Airfield

Postby ColinD » Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:04 pm

I have had a positive meeting with DSATCO this morning, to resolve the latest issues that ATC have picked us up on. Please take note of the points below as we have to abide by them, this is NOT negotiable. ATC have relaxed the rule for airfield operations to those below with negotiation, if we ignore/disobey these relaxed rules we could be thrown off of the airfield.

1. Access to the airfield is to only be by Charlie South entrance (our normal entry piont down from the hangar, the official airfield entrance by ATC and from 3 hangar pan onto southern taxiway. No other access point is to be used.

2 The bus is to be moved from the club house to the airfield via the station road to the access of Delta South with a car in front and behind with hazards as escorts. the bollards are not to be remove/move under any circumstances. the station has made this dispensation to allow us to move the bus.

3 private cars can be used to move gliders from our hangar/3 hangar, but then must be moved to either the ATC car park or Charlie south pan (depending on which end we are operating from). Private cars at the launch point are to be kept to a minimum.

4 All club members will have to receive an airfield driving brief and sign as having done so. This includes a Powerpoint presentation and a test, it takes about 10 mins. I will be starting these this weekend

5 The FOD checks required by ATC when ever we enter the airfield or transit between the grass and tarmac have been relaxed, the duty instructor is to carry out a FOD check of all operating areas at the end of each flying day, paying particular attention to the points where we transit between the taxiway and the grass at the launch point and the winch.

6 The maximum speed limit on the airfield is 30mph

7 When we are operating on 26 we need to leave the entrance to the fire section clear to enable them to get out unhindered in an emergency. when aerotowing we need to move the tug and glider forward slightly to allow the above.

Sorry this is a bit long winded, these points have to adhered to with immediate effect. If anyone is unclear on any of the points please come and see me


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