Using PDA's in the Discus R10

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Using PDA's in the Discus R10

Postby ShaunM » Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:14 am

Hi All,

For those of you who fly R10 XC, I have installed a Bluetooth transmitter that can pair suitable PDA's to provide GPS and Flarm data to your XC software from the LX7007F. It is manufactured by and is the BT1.

I have tested it with a Dell Streak running XC Soar on Android, so I assume anyone using XC Soar or similar would be able to use this setup. It does NOT work with Naviter's Oudie, but they are looking into it.

To use it, you need to pair your device with the BT1, which should show up as 'Soartronic1_02' in your list of Bluetooth devices. The PIN is: 0000 ( four zero's). This will allow you to get GPS and Flarm data from the LX7007F. It does not seem to be able to be able to upload tasks or download traces from the LX7007, so you should still look to use a micro SD card (or manually input tasks) to do this if required. I would be grateful if members can be gentle with the BT1 if they have a need to remove it from under the panel as part of getting it to work with the LX7007F involves wiring 2 pins together, which is an ideal candidate to be pulled off if moved around. There are no switches/buttons on the unit, so if the LX7007F is powered up and the Flarm display on the panel is lit up, you should assume the BT1 is working normally, as it is connected in series between the LX and the Flarm display.

Over the winter I will also be installing a USB socket into the panel which will provide Power (to standard USB specifications) to your PDA's from the glider batteries. I expect this will be off the same battery that the LX7007F is using. I will also look at generic mounting options to hopefully remove the need to use suction mounts on the canopy (maybe just a disk to use suction mounts on the instrument panel cowling).

If anyone has any specific requests regarding the above(that would hopefully be useful to everyone) please let me know.

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