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Inter Club League 2013

Postby ShaunM » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:52 am

Hi All,

The Inter Club League 2013 is nearly upon us. We are looking to enter a team in as many of the weekends as possible.

The Inter-Club League is intended to encourage competitive cross-country flying on a less formal basis than National and Regional competitions, involving pilots at all levels of cross-country competence. Special emphasis is placed on the performance of Novice pilots in an effort to encourage Cross County Competition. It is a great way to fly cross-country from other clubs and meet like minded pilots along with providing a taste of what gliding competitions are about. Even if you may not be flying we will need crew's to help support our pilots, so if you would be interested in crewing please get in touch.

The Discus will be available for any members who are qualified to fly it Cross-Country (subject to permission from CFI etc)- I am waiting on confirmation on if it will be available for all the Hus Bos dates as it may be on its way back from the Alps.

LSUGC pilots are more than welcome to represent Four Counties.

The competition itself is split into Novice, Intermediate and Pundit classes with one pilot from each class flying for each competing club.

Dates for the Inter Club League in 2013 are as follows:

The Soaring Centre, Husbands Bosworth - 4, 5, 6 May
Cambridge GC - 18, 19 May
Four Counties GC, Wittering - 8, 9 June
London GC, Dunstable - 29, 30 June

If you would like to fly any of the dates please let me know along with which class you would like to fly and which glider you will be flying (if known). All the clubs are easy to reach from Wittering, Dunstable being the furthest but it is an easy drive. There is usually a social event on the Saturday night so camping is available to those who wish to stay (I have flown comps at all the clubs many times and the facilities are more than adequate, especially the Bars!). You may enter as few or as many dates as you wish and you do not have to fly both days should you have other commitments

The pilot classes are defined as follows:-

Any pilot who, by 1st April of the League year:

has not entered more than one Regional (Junior Championship excepted)
has not flown a UK 300k as P1 other than in the previous year
has not flown a UK 500k as P1
Novices may only fly a club class glider and must not carry water ballast.

You do not need your Silver C to fly as a Novice, however you will need your Bronze and Cross-Country endorsement. If you would like to enter but are unsure of anything (including the rules) then contact myself or Colin to discuss.

Any pilot who by 1st April of the League year:

has not flown a UK 750k
has not achieved a top 50% position in any Nationals in the last ten years

Anyone can be a pundit. If desired a pilot may fly in a higher class, e.g. a pilot qualifying for Intermediate status may be entered as his club's Pundit.

If anyone has any questions please let me know. The Inter Club League is a great competition, but participation is vital to ensure its future. As always, availability of gliders can be a limiting factor, so if you are unavailable for any of the dates but you have a suitable glider and know of someone who might be interested in flying the ICL, why not offer it to them? I'm sure copious amounts of beer/eternal thanks will flow in the opposite direction!

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