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Postby Olly » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:06 pm

I have noticed over the past few weeks that people have been improperly using LU’s tail dolly leading to the tail section becoming damaged in several places. There is now two R clips that need to be pushed through the holes in the side of the clasps once it is in place, this is quite a fiddly procedure but they must be in place before using the tail dolly. The tail dolly is also not easy to get on and is best done with two people, one lifting and one fitting the dolly. If you can’t get the dolly to locate properly take it off and start again, or failing that ask someone who knows how to fit it properly.
Second complaint I have is how LU is handled on the ground. Last weekend I came to get in LU ready to fly and noticed that the tyre of the tail wheel had been ripped off its rim. Had I not checked and landed with the damage the tail wheel and wheel housing would likely to have been damaged. This has happened twice before and is caused by the tail wheel being dragged sideways across the ground when manoeuvring the glider. If you need to turn LU either use the tail dolly or failing that pick the tail up and lift it round, then only push it in straight lines. The same applies when the glider is being towed behind the car; do not be tempted to ‘hold back’ on the wing to turn it. In addition DO NOT push down on the nose to lift the tail, unlike the K21’s LU is not designed to balance on its centre wheel therefore a lot of force is needed to lift the tail all of which goes through the comparatively weak cockpit floor. LU is a 43 year old glider, a lot of which is made from wood, which wasn't designed to take the sort of treatment a club two-seater is subject to, so therefore it needs to be treated with a greater amount of care than it currently is being. If you do see any member, be that LSUGC or 4C’s, not adhering to the above please stop them and correct them.
I apologise for having a moan but repairs are very expensive, the cost of which is picked up by our members. Repairs also take the glider off line, losing 4C’s launch fees and our members precious flying time.

Many Thanks

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