igc replay on Google Earth

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igc replay on Google Earth

Postby deputychairman » Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:03 am

A few people have expressed interest in this programme which allows you to load an igc file into Google Earth:


and then run the file giving you a pilot’s eye view of your flight including climb rates, L/D, speed, vario and barograph trace. It took me a few attempts to load the programme but it worked in the end. Very instructive to view the flights and see how poor some of the climb rates were! NB that clicking the small barograph icon gives a barograph trace. The Google earth options let you select road numbers if you want to see exactly where you were!

If anyone does not have an igc file, and wants to see how it works, files are available from http://www.bgaladder.co.uk/index.asp


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