EASA - and rumours

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EASA - and rumours

Postby Richard Walker » Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:45 pm

The BGA Chf Executive (Pete Stratten has very recently written to clubs about the number and content of rumours that are rife about the implications of and actions required to move to EASA. For ease, I copy Pete’s words verbatim below:

"I wrote to clubs (via chairmen) last week regarding rumours at some clubs emanating from changes in the pipeline from EASA.

Once again, please could I emphasise that despite the law changing in April 2012, recreational aviation/GA will not fall under EASA flight crew licensing or training requirements until April 2015. This is because there is a 3 year opt out available to allow for transition.

So, please advise your club members the we carry on exactly as we do now under BGA requirements, including;

Gliding training
BI training
Instructor training
NPPL training
Tug pilot training

The BGA continues meanwhile to discuss with CAA how we can all work together to change from BGA to EASA compliant training etc by APRIL 2015."

To supplement Pete’s words, I attended the BGA N&E SRE’s conference on Saturday last and the message was that much work was still required before any announcements could be made about how EASA arrangements will be implemented and what will be their implications. While the law will change early (in Apr 12), compliance with the new rules will not be required for a few years more. A few clubs and regions across the BGA have been and will be involved in trials over the next few years to test implementation arrangements, but no-one not involved in the trials should try to pre-empt any work or jump to conclusions about what they need to do.

The bottom line is that clubs and BGA members should carry on with business as usual until details are available, after which the BGA will arrange publicise what needs to be done and by when. I will keep you informed as I receive anything from the BGA about the EASA arrangements.

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