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Postby AndyM » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:51 pm

As most club members know I have taken over from Richard as of last weekend, some say I am a glutton for punishment, (some say other things!).
Anyway just thought I would set up this thread to keep you informed of what is happening, my thoughts and observations etc. Please feel free to add any constructive comments/suggestions at anytime, after all its our club and I feel all club members whatever their experience or how long they have been club members should feel free to contribute good ideas at any time!
For info Colin has agreed to fill the role of DCFI and he will be primarily responsible for all things Motor Gliding, tugging and post Bronze C training.
As you all know, we are hosting the ISRG again this year, between the 18-26th August. As last year Colin is taking the lead, He is the comp CFI and will be heading the team during the week before the comp, setting up everything and the days after clearing up. Please try and make time to help either/or, before,during or after, if you can help let him know.
We had a great comp last year, drawing lots of favourable comment from all taking part in the comp and all three service gliding hierachy's. Lets make it even better this year!
All for now
Andy M
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