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XC Soar files

Postby neilmclaughlin » Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:13 pm


A few of you have been asking me about map/waypoint/airspace files for XC Soar.

Ive made a folder where you can download them from here.



Map Database- UK_HighRes.xcm
Waypoints- United Kingdom.cup
Airspaces- WPLTAS0070213.sua (This has the MATZ included now)

FlarmNet Database- data.fln (Public Flarm data. Havent tried this yet, but it just needs to go in the XC Soar Data Folder also)

Once you have them on your computer you can plug your phone in via USB and copy them to the "XC Soar Data" folder which will be located on your memory card in your phone

NOTE- you need a memory card in your phone if you havent got one already fyi as its where XCS stores all its data by default. even a 1GB will suffice. I would reinstall XCS if you didnt have one when you first installed it to make sure the folder is there.

If you are struggling to get your PC to show the SD card so you can copy the files, you need to go into your phone settings and 'mount' the drive). Everyones phones are different so read the manual if you get stuck.

Once you have the files on your phone, open XC Soar go Config>Setup System>Site Files and add the files in the correct spaces, and it should all work. Then you can start playing around with XC Soar getting the options how you want (I would highly recommend this as a way to familiarise yourself with it and how it works. The PC Simulator version is also very helpful for this. Check the XC manual if you need any more info its quite detailed.


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Re: XC Soar files

Postby neilmclaughlin » Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:58 pm

Additonally, I have now added a couple more files to the Dropbox folder that you can add to XC Soar if you wish. These files show up on the map as other suitable landable fields that have been used and verified by other glider pilots.

You can find out more info about them here- http://www.gregorie.org/gliding/pna/uk_landouts.html

UK Landouts.DAT (Add this to Site Files>More Waypoints)
UK Landouts.TXT (Add this to Site Files>Waypoints details)

If you cannot see these boxes, you need to select the "Expert" Tick box to show the full menu system.

The fields show up as small purple circles, tapping on any of them and then clicking 'Details' will show field details (farm strip/microlights etc).

Be warned as they say on the website though, fields can change!
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