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Postby ls7 » Tue May 18, 2010 8:50 pm

Hi Everyone,

You may have heard that the Committee recently took the decision to ban dogs from the launchpoint, hangar area and clubhouse. The policy has not yet been promulgated - it will be issued with the Minutes of the Committee Meeting - but for info the situation is set out below.

The Committee felt that dogs were potentially a noisy nuisance and a distraction to gliding operations. Their presence around the control vehicle, bus and the hangar was likely to be unsettling for some Club members, and a source of annoyance for others. Similarly, there was the possibility of dogs making a nuisance of themselves in the clubhouse, especially when food or drink were being served. Consequently, the decision was taken to limit the areas in which dogs would be allowed.

Dogs are of course still permitted at RAF Wittering. Hence, they are obviously allowed in caravans, outside the clubhouse, and on the grass area away from the hangar. Subject to the usual airfield regulations, they need not be on a lead, but should always be under control.

Hopefully this policy will safeguard the interests of members whilst allowing dog owners to bring their dogs to the station.


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