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RAF Wittering

Getting to Wittering by Car

The map below shows the route from the Main Guardroom to the Gliding Club Hangar

RAF Wittering Location Map

RAF Wittering is conveniently located on the A1 trunk road, just south of Stamford, and as such is easy to find. The airfield itself runs right up to the edge of the A1, and the Harrier gate guard is unmissable on the northbound carriageway.

From the North...

Travelling south down the A1, RAF Wittering is roughly a mile and a half past Stamford. The airfield and hangars should be visible on the right, shortly followed by the Harrier gate guard. At this point there are two options:

  1. Pull into the outside lane, and then into the slip road marked Wittering. Then take care crossing the North-bound carriageway. Once across execute a U-turn further down the road, and rejoin the A1 going north. Almost immediately the turn off for the main guardroom will appear on the left. Turn off here and pull into the car park.
  2. Continue South down the A1 to the next main junction, and take the slip road for the A47. At the roundabout turn right, and cross the A1, before joining it once more heading North, up to the main Wittering turn off. Note, the main turn off for the camp is after the Wittering village turn off. Following the Wittering village turn off will take you to the back gate, where they will only be able to allow access to those with passes for the station.

NOTE: If towing a glider trailer to Wittering, we recommend agaisnt turning across the A1, and instead suggest continuing down to the A47 junction and coming back up the A1 to the main entrance.

From the South...

Travelling north up the A1, RAF Wittering is just over two and a half miles north of the A47 junction on the left. There are two turn-off's the first being for Wittering village. This should only be used by those with authorised base passes acessing the back gate. The second turn-off is just before the Harrier gate guard and provides access to the Main Guardroom, where all visitors should report before trying to get onto the base. Parking is provided, and there are spaces available for trailers.

If you see the airfield on your left, you have gone too far and overshot the turn. In this situation continue for one and a half miles to the Stamford junction and return down the southbound carriageway, following the directions "From the North".

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RAF Wittering