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December 2009


The AGM went ahead as planned, and minutes have been circulated to club members. The meeting highlighted a successful year for the club, but also emphasised the areas we need to improve for 2010. Many thanks go once again to Hilly Davey for an excellent meal provided afterwards in the clubhouse.

As is traditional, awards were presented at the AGM. The recipients were:

Congratulations to all the recipients, and the best of luck to all members for 2010!

October 2009

Annual General Meeting

The Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday 5th December. Exact time and location details to follow.

September 2009

Club Clothing

The first order of club clothing has now been delivered. See Colin Davey if you ordered a garment.

If you missed the first order, or want more items, a new order form is up in the clubhouse.

September 2009

Summer Achievments & Upgrades

The summer has yielded a number of achievments for our members, including a number of solos. Congratulations go to father and son duo Ivor and James King, who soloed within weeks of each other. Also to Liam Jones and Adam Youle, who re-soloed after flying with the Air Cadets. The most recent solo of the year goes to Michael Cunliffe-Lister, congratulations to all! On top of this, both James and Adam have siezed the soarable days of the summer, and have so far gained all their bronze legs and their five hours to boot! Congratulations also go to Chris Armstrong, who has achieved his BI rating, and wasted no time in getting into the back seat of the K21s!

On the winch and vehicle side, a number of changes have been completed, which should improve our operations. Our new retrieve vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee complete with blacked out windows, has entered service, and is helping to speed up retrieve operations. It is also making it alot more comfortable for the drivers to travel up and down the airfield! The Skylaunch winch has now been changed to use Dyneema rope instead of steel cable, and first indications are of much smoother launches. The wind hasn't played ball however, so we won't know how it improves the launch height for a weekend or so! Our thanks go to Pete Pearson for all his hard work on these projects.

March 2009

Dates for the diary

This years ICL competition will be held on the following dates:

The club will also be once more hosting a Soaring Week, beginning 4th July 2008. This will hopefully benefit from some excellent weather, and provide an oportunity for some fun flying and cross country. More details to follow.

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