Four Counties
Gliding Club

A Member of the Royal Air Force Gliding & Soaring Association

RAF Wittering

Membership is open to all Servicemen, Ex-Servicemen, Air Cadets, and MOD Personnel. Civilian membership is subject to Committee approval.
All instruction is offered by our BGA qualified instructors free of charge on a voluntary basis. Members only pay for their launch and flying fees.

Membership Price
Full Service £90.00
Full Service Family
(Open to siblings and dependents in full time education)
Associate Membership
(Open to ex-service personnel, civillian membership accepted on an individual basis)
Associate Family
(Open to siblings and dependents in full time education)
Junior (Under 18) £50.00
Temporary Membership (1 Month, includes first flight) £20.00
Launch Price
Winch Launch £4.50
Aerotow to 1000ft (min) £10.00
   per 1000ft thereafter £10.00
Soaring Fees Price
First 10 minutes of flying in all club aircraft FREE
Two Seaters: K21 (R20 & R35), K13 20p/min
Single Seater: K18 (R36) 20p/min
Single Seater: Discus CS (R10) 25p/min
Motorglider Price
G-FLKE Rotax Falke £50 per hour
Group Flying Price
A dedicated evening of trial flights for a group of around 10 people
For details email
£20 per person
(includes first flight)

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RAF Wittering